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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2021 @ 1:00PM ET

One in six housing units in South Carolina is a manufactured home, which is more than 250 percent of the national figure. According to the 2019 South Carolina Housing Needs Assessment, the number of manufactured homes in rural counties nearly equals that of conventionally constructed single-family homes. As hard-working families are faced with increasing housing costs, manufactured homes are seen as one viable solution. The cost to build a manufactured home can be as much as half the cost per square foot than a site-built house.

This session will discuss the role of manufactured housing in rural home attainability, including:

  • the increased quality of manufactured housing in the last 30 years;

  • state and federal rules and zoning trends making building and maintaining manufactured housing more difficult; and

  • maximizing opportunities for to decrease the housing shortage.

Speaker: Lesli Gooch, National Manufactured Housing Institute

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